This movie was created from voluntary motor evoked response potentials using the Data Editor, Source Estimator and Visualizer modules of EMSE Suite.


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Welcome to Source Signal Imaging, developers of EMSE Suite. EMSE Suite is a Windows-based software toolkit for 4D multimodal functional brain imaging, including analysis, source estimation, image processing, and visualization. MEG/EEG and MRI/fMRI datasets from many vendors and standard formats may be combined to obtain results not available from independent analyses of the separate modalities. First introduced in 1996, and now used by neurophysiologists, cognitive neuroscientists, and clinical researchers worldwide, EMSE Suite has a modular architecture, rich feature set and moderate cost. Click on the menu to the left to find information about our products, news of upcoming events, links to other sites of interest, as well as access to original publications.

EMSE 5.5 is available for download
5.25.12 The Event-Related Pipeline, introduced last year, has been a focus of continuing development in EMSE 5.5.  Two levels of event logic--conditional logic of event clusters and Boolean logic of event classes--have been specially integrated to enable more efficient specification of complex experimental conditions.  Batch peak detection results are visible on waveforms or spectra.  Each average is "hyperlinked" with all of its candidate single trial waveforms.  EMSE can remember your lab's preferences for displaying data.  New filters, such as channel group averaging, have been added.  Time-frequency source estimation and statistical comparisons have been improved.  Multiple levels of threshold criteria may be applied for excluding or including data segments with special properties (such as alpha bursts).  New vendor formats have been added.  Scanner and ballistocardiogram artifact correction algorithms have been improved for EEG concurrent with fMRI.  Powerful XML scripting capabilities can set up workspaces, batch filter multiple continuous time series, and loop over all experimental factors and values to perform various subtractions.  Your lab's eligibility for upgrades is managed automatically.  In particular, all EMSE 5.4 licenses are automatically eligible for 5.5.  For more details, please see What's New in 5.5.1 and Features of EMSE 5.5.1.

SSI has relocated near SDSU
4.20.12 SSI relocated near San Diego State University on Friday April 20, 2012.  Our new phone number is +1.619.464.0003.  Further information about our new location is available hereVisitors welcome!

EMSE 5.4 release
7.12.11 EMSE Suite version 5.4 was released July 12, 2011.  What was new in 5.4 may be reviewed here, and the EMSE 5.4 installer may be downloaded here.  All labs with EMSE 5.4 (including 5.4.1) are eligible for EMSE 5.5.

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